Diet Series cardio clear 7 Healthy Principles to Consider, Part 3

We are all cardio clear 7 aware of the benefits that can be obtained from healthy food. Health means physical and mental well-being and a sound body is the proper foundation for both. Food is so important and what we eat has a direct effect on our health. So, let’s review certain principles that we should always bear in mind in order to choose the healthiest and best foods possible.

A substance that is extremely processed and lacking in its original, natural form will have an adverse effect on the human body. Processed foods, convenience foods, foods with white flour and sugar and dried foods (which have been stripped of nutrients and fibre) will all be high contributors to excess fat and body fat. Natural foods, vegetables and fruits contain micro-nutrients and vitamins that are vital for your body to function properly.

It is certainly a smart choice to begin reading food labels. Knowing exactly what you’re putting in your mouth can make a big difference and can help to guide you in the right direction. Processed foods will generally contain a high amount of sugar or another refined carbohydrate, such as white flour, salt, pasta or rice. Sugars …